Asbestos Lawyers in Wisconsin

Asbestos Lawyers in Wisconsin: Familes of Asbestos Workers at Risk for Mesothelioma

Find out how our Mesothelioma lawyers can help you with your claim. Men are at a much higher risk of developing mesothelioma than women because men were more likely to work at job sites associated with asbestos exposure, such as shipyards, boiler rooms and factories. Though mesothelioma is much more prevalent in men, about 8 percent of mesothelioma victims are …

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Custody Lawyers In Wausau

Custody Lawyers in Wausau WI: “Dont’s” in a Child Custody Dispute

Find out how our Wausau custody lawyers can assist you. We are custody lawyers in Wausau WI. Being involved in a child custody dispute is a very emotional experience for most parents. If you do find yourself in a custody dispute, there are some actions you should avoid, in order to keep the process from becoming even more difficult: DON’T …

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Color War

Firm Supports Event Held in Memory of Dale Eaton’s Daughter

One of our partners, Dale Eaton, lost his daughter, Emily, to the H1N1 flu virus in 2009. Emily was just 12 years old. Dale and his wife, Jennifer, started a charity, Emily’s Path, in her memory. The organization’s mission is to bring happiness to children facing challenges in their lives. The children Emily went to school with are graduating from Wausau …

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Estate Planning Lawyer In Wausau

Estate Planning Lawyer in Wausau: Passing on your Green Bay Packers Season Tickets

Lambeau Field, the home of the Green Bay Packers, has been sold out on a season ticket basis since 1960.  Since that time, the waiting list for season tickets has grown to over 100,000.  There’s a 99.9% renewal rate for season ticket holders — only 119 names came off the list last year.  At that pace, getting on the waiting …

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Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect In Wisconsin

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect in Wisconsin: New state law conceals records of abuse, neglect in nursing homes

The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism recently published an article about how tort reform in Wisconsin may be putting vulnerable nursing home residents at risk.  The law made state inspection reports of nursing homes and other health care facilities inadmissible as evidence in civil and criminal cases, which could make it significantly more difficult to prove nursing home abuse in Wisconsin. …

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How to Avoid Probate in Wisconsin

How to Avoid Probate in Wisconsin

As an estate planning attorney, I know that a common goal for my estate planning clients is to avoid probate. “Probate” refers to the Court-supervised process of accounting for and distributing property owned individually by a decedent at the time of the decedent’s death. What is Probate? The probate process terminates the decedent’s interest in the property title in his …

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Divorce Lawyer Wausau

Divorce Lawyer Wausau: Temporary Orders

Find out how our divorce lawyers can assist you. In Wisconsin, with limited exceptions, a final hearing  in a divorce matter cannot take place until 120 days after the date of service of the divorce petition.  In most cases, the divorce process takes much longer, depending on how many issues are in dispute.  Often, clients face great uncertainty about where …

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Wausau Personal Injury Lawyer

Wisconsin Injury Lawyer: Injured Party may Recover Written-Off Medical Expenses

Find out how our personal injury lawyers can help you with your claim. A Wisconsin injury lawyer will not only assist an injured party in proving a party’s negligence and the resulting damages, but also will navigate complex insurance issues, sometimes with the injured party’s own insurer.  In the interest of saving money, some injured parties attempt to settle their claim on their …

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Wisconsin Court Issues Ruling

Wisconsin Court Approves Use of Competitor’s Name as Keywords

A Wisconsin appellate court issued its decision Thursday in a case where a law firm, Cannon & Dunphy, bid on the keywords “Habush” and “Rottier” in Google, Yahoo and Bing, to ensure that people searching for the large personal injury firm Habush Habush & Rottier would see Cannon & Dunphy’s sponsored link above the organic search results.  Habush sued, claiming that Cannon …

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estate planning attorney, marshfield

Estate Planning Attorney, Marshfield WI: Appeals Court Rules Debt Forgiveness Invalid

A dying man’s undisputed wish to forgive several debts cannot be granted, a Wisconsin appeals court has ruled. Eighty-eight year old Roger Hansen was in the process of making a will with an attorney, but died without signing it.  Since he did not have a will, his estate passed to his heirs under intestate succession laws. The Facts During his …

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