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Daniel Overbey – Minocqua Resident

Living in a small town has its benefits — especially when that small town is Minocqua, Wisconsin.  Seven years ago, Daniel Overbey left the city of Chicago, a job with a 400+ lawyer firm, and an office in the Sears Tower for the northwoods of Wisconsin.  He and his wife live just north of Minocqua in the Town of Arbor Vitae.  Daniel has been a partner with Eaton John Overbey Jackman, LLP since 2004.  The majority of his practice is devoted to family law — divorce, child custody & placement, child support, maintenance, and post-divorce issues.

Daniel Overbey – Minocqua Practice

Daniel commutes to his Wausau office several times a week, but works from Minocqua at least one day per week, and is available to meet with clients in Minocqua.  In addition to a large Marathon County caseload, Daniel routinely handles cases in Oneida, Vilas and Lincoln Counties.  Over the years, we’ve found that many clients living in small communities prefer to hire a law firm from outside the area in order to avoid having locals “knowing their business.”  For many, this means having to drive a considerable distance in order to meet with your attorney.  Because of Daniel Overbey’s unique situation — working for a Wausau law firm, but returning home to Minocqua each day — his northwoods clients get the best of both worlds.  They get the benefit of out-of-town counsel, without having to travel out of town.  If you are looking for the convenience of a Minocqua divorce attorney without the small-town law firm ties, Daniel Overbey is the perfect choice.

Testimonials for Daniel Overbey – Minocqua

Daniel’s practice focuses almost exclusively on divorce-related matters, which has allowed him to develop a family law expertise not typically found in lawyers who “dabble” in divorce law.  His expertise means positive results for his clients.  Read the following unsolicited email comments from Daniel’s clients:

“You ROCK in my eyes, and I would not hesitate to make a referral.”

“You were a genius!  I’m glad I wasn’t up against you….”

“Thank you again for all of your hard work.  I am happy to say that finding you was the best thing that could have happened to me.”

“[The opposing lawyer] doesn’t hold a candle to your expertise.”

“You were AWESOME in court today!!!  I came out ahead thanks to you.”

Don’t you want to feel that way about YOUR lawyer?

Do you have questions for Daniel Overbey – Minocqua Divorce Attorney?  If you are in need of an experienced Minocqua divorce attorney, contact Daniel Overbey – Minocqua.  Get more information about Daniel Overbey – Minocqua. Learn more about child custody & placement, child support, divorce or paternity from Daniel Overbey – Minocqua.  If you have questions about your family law matter, call Daniel Overbey – Minocqua for a free telephone consultation. Call 715.843.6700 to speak with Daniel Overbey – Minocqua, or email Daniel Overbey – Minocqua via our Contact page.  Daniel Overbey – Minocqua serves clients throughout north central Wisconsin, including Minocqua, Rhinelander, Eagle River, and Tomahawk.  General information about custody & placement in Wisconsin, courtesy of  Daniel Overbey – Minocqua.

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