Wausau divorce lawyer

Wausau Divorce Lawyers

At Eaton John Overbey Jackman, we resolve challenging family law problems and guide our clients through the legal process in the most positive manner possible.  Our strategic, aggressive approach focuses on resolving family law problems in a way that enables our clients to move forward in life from the strongest position possible. Your Wausau divorce lawyer can provide representation in a variety of family law matters, including:

Child Custody & Placement
Out-of-State Custody & Placement
Child Support
Divorces involving Family-Owned Businesses
Modification Proceedings

Wausau Divorce Lawyers

In representing you, your Wausau divorce lawyer will focus on your future and the protection of your rights. We want to help you achieve a better life for you and your family.  For a confidential discussion of your family law matter, contact a Wausau divorce lawyer.

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Wausau Divorce LawyerGet more information about divorce procedure in Wisconsin. Learn more about the divorce process from a Wausau divorce lawyer.  If you have questions about issues related to divorce, paternity, child support, custody, placement or other family law matter, call a Wausau divorce lawyer at our law office for a free telephone consultation. Call 715.843.6700 to speak with a Wausau divorce lawyer.  Wausau divorce lawyer serving clients throughout north central Wisconsin.