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Eaton Law represents lenders, buyers and sellers, developers, corporations, bankers, brokers and builders in residential and commercial real estate and corporate transactions.  Whether you are involved in the sale of a single parcel, or a complex land transaction requiring the coordination of financing and regulatory permits and approvals, our attorneys can provide the expertise you need.

Real Estate in Wisconsin

In addition to transactions, we provide representation in real estate-related litigation.  Examples include boundary disputes, eminent domain, construction defects, financial workouts and other property issues. Our attorneys have extensive experience in providing dispute resolution and real estate litigation services. We provide expert legal assistance for all aspects of commercial and residential real estate including:


  • Purchases & sales
  • Construction & development
  • Construction disputes


  • Purchases and sales
  • Development, construction, financing and leasing
  • Zoning and land use
  • Environmental matters
  • Financing transactions
  • Bank workouts & commercial remedies
  • Property management
  • Litigation

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