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Wisconsin Rental Agreement Form

Wisconsin Rental Agreement Form: Make Sure your Lease Does not Contain Prohibited Provisions

Illegal Provisions May Void Lease Many Wisconsin landlords are not aware that if they have an illegal provision in their Wisconsin rental agreement form, the entire agreement may be unenforceable.  In fact, the lease may be unenforceable even if the landlord never tries to enforce the “illegal” provision.  The issue was addressed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in Baierl v. …

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Wausau Custody Attorneys

Wausau Custody Attorneys: Custody and Placement Explained

Find out how our Wausau custody & placement lawyers can assist you. As Wausau custody attorneys, we find our family law clients often confuse the terms “custody” and “placement” when involved in legal proceedings such as a divorce or paternity action, or a custody or placement dispute.  Often, when parents talk about where their children live or will live, they …

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Auto Accident Lawyers in Wausau: New Auto Insurance Law effective Nov. 1, 2011

Find out how our car accident lawyers can help you with your claim. 2011 Wisconsin Act 14 repeals many of the auto insurance laws established by the 2009-11 biennial state budget (2009 Wisconsin Act 28). Act 14 takes effect Nov. 1, 2011, and applies to policies that are new or renewed after the effective date. Minimum Coverage Limits Reduced The new law still …

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Wausau Automobile Accident Attorneys

Auto Accident Attorney in Stevens Point

Find out how an auto accident attorney can help you with your claim. If you have been injured in a car accident and are looking for an auto accident attorney in Stevens Point, our personal injury lawyers may be able to get you compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. At Eaton John Overbey Jackman, our car …

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Wausau WI Real Estate Lawyer

Wausau WI Real Estate Lawyer: Contractual Status of Mortgages Trumps Recording Order

A Wisconsin appellate court ruled in U.S. Bank v. Landa, 2010AP3036, that a loan agreement designating one loan as the “second mortgage” controlled, even though the “second mortgage” was recorded with the register of deeds before the mortgage that was intended to be the “first”  mortgage. In that case, Landa bought a home for $210,000. Landa financed the entire purchase …

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