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In the context of divorce law, “nesting” is the term used to describe an arrangement where the children stay in the family home, with the parents rotating in and out of the house according to their physical placement schedules with the kids.  For example, mom stays in the house with the kids one week, during which dad stays elsewhere.  The following week, dad stays at the house with the kids while mom stays in an apartment or, more often, with family or friends.

As divorce lawyers in Wausau, we occasionally have clients or their spouses propose a nesting arrangement.  To the parents, it may seem like an easier transition for the children.  Although their parents are divorcing, the children in a nesting arrangement continue to live in the family home and don’t have to pack bags and move back and forth between two houses. If the parents are staying with family or friends during their “off” days, it may also be a financially attractive arrangement for the parents, who only have to continue financing one residence, rather than two.

In our experience, most nesting arrangements do not last long, and we have never had a situation where the nesting arrangement continued after the divorce was finalized.  The specific reason a nesting arrangement ultimately fails may vary from couple to couple, but it essentially boils down to the same issues that lead to the divorce in the first place.  If a couple cannot remain married without conflict, they most likely will not be able to house-share for any significant period of time without conflict.  Common disputes relate to financial responsibilities, privacy concerns, parenting issues and the upkeep of the house.  If one party becomes involved in a new relationship, a nesting arrangement may quickly become unworkable.

Because nesting is so fraught with potential problems and requires a high degree of cooperation between the parents, Courts typically will not order a nesting arrangement if one party is opposed to it.

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