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As family law lawyers in Wausau WI, we see a pattern of mistakes many people make when going through a divorce.  Here are a few “do’s and dont’s” to remember while going through a divorce:

Don’t get legal advice from family and friends. During your divorce, you will undoubtedly receive advice from many different sources.  While your family, friends and co-workers may have good intentions, do not assume they are correct when they tell you what the “law” is, what you should demand or give up, or what the outcome of your case will be.

Do rely on your friends and family for emotional support, and obtain legal advice from a family law attorney.

Don’t fight over the small stuff. We once had a case where the parties were prepared to have a court hearing over who got the lawnmower.  They resolved the matter on their own once we pointed out that it would cost them more in legal fees to fight about the lawnmower than the lawnmower was actually worth.  Emotions run high in divorce matters, and it’s easy to get caught up in battles over every little thing.  Don’t.  It may wind up costing you more in the end.

Do focus on the big picture, and your overall goals.

Don’t make decisions based upon emotion or when you are under duress. People sometimes sign documents or agree to things “because he wouldn’t let me take the kids unless I did.”   While you may feel a sense of urgency at that moment, you may wind up living with unfavorable consequences for years to come.

Do have your attorney review any proposed agreement before signing.

Don’t try to “hide” assets. Occasionally, people try to hide assets by, for example, giving property or business interests to family members, or selling assets to family members for below fair market value.  This strategy does not work, and will only cost you more in legal fees fighting about it.

Do fully disclose all of your assets.  Your divorce will proceed much more quickly and will cost less if you are cooperative in providing information.[/one_half_last]

Don’t violate any temporary custody or placement orders. It could make it more difficult for you to get the final custody or placement arrangements you want, and a Court could find you in contempt.

Do let your spouse know when your children will be traveling away from home.  If you are co-parenting your children with your spouse, being secretive about the children’s whereabouts generally serves no legitimate purpose, and only serves to aggravate an already contentious situation.  An exception, of course would be a situation where your spouse poses a threat to your children.

Don’t assume that you are entitled to more than your spouse because your spouse cheated on you. Wisconsin is a “no-fault” divorce state.  One spouse’s infidelity during the marriage does not entitle the other to a greater financial share, or to custody or placement of minor children.

Do be reasonable.  It is rare that either party to a divorce gets everything he or she wants.  Don’t waste your time making unreasonable demands that no court would ever award anyway.

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