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Child Support Attorney In Wausau

Child Support Attorney in Wausau: Case May Clarify Enforceability of Child Support “Floor”

Find out how our child support lawyers can assist you. The Wisconsin Supreme Court is Scheduled to hear oral arguments in the case of May v. May, Appeal No. 2010AP177, on October 6, 2011.  At issue is the enforceability of an agreement by the parties that the father pay a minimum amount of child support for a period of at …

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Asbestos Attorneys In Wisconsin

Asbestos Attorneys in Wisconsin: $32 Million Verdict for Kentucky Man

Find out how our Asbestos and Mesothelioma lawyers can help you with your claim. According to WSAZ news, a Kentucky man has been awarded $32 million following an eight-week trial. Ronald Dummitt a 68 year old naval veteran from Grayson, Kentucky, was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer linked to asbestos exposure. Dummitt alleged he was exposed to …

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Family Law Lawyers In Wausau Wi

Family Law Lawyers in Wausau WI: Some Do’s and Dont’s of Divorce

Find out how our family law lawyers can assist you. As family law lawyers in Wausau WI, we see a pattern of mistakes many people make when going through a divorce.  Here are a few “do’s and dont’s” to remember while going through a divorce: Family Law Lawyers in Wausau WI Get more information about family law lawyers in Wausau …

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Family Law Attorneys In Wausau Wi

Family Law Attorneys in Wausau WI: Divorce or Legal Separation?

Find out how our family law attorneys can assist you. As family law attorneys in Wausau WI, we sometimes receive inquiries about pursuing a legal separation rather than a divorce.  In an action for legal separation, the Court will enter a judgment (either after a trial or based upon agreement of the parties) dividing the couple’s property, providing for custody …

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Auto Accident Lawyer in Wausau: Sheboygan Teen Faces Felony Charges

Find out how our car accident attorneys can help you with your claim. A 19-year-old Kayla Bower of Sheboygan has been charged in Sheboygan County Circuit Court with five felonies, including homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle. Bower allegedly drove drunk and hit three pedestrians at about 11 p.m. on August 6th, following the Brat Days festival. According to the criminal complaint, …

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Business Law Wausau

Business Law Wausau: Corporate Officers can Face Liability

A Wisconsin Supreme Court decision issued July 19, 2011 has significant implications regarding liability of corporate officers for negligence. Casper v. American International South Ins. Co, 2011 WI 81 involved a motor vehicle accident.  Mark Wearing, a co-employee of Bestway Systems, Inc. (“Bestway”) and Transport Leasing/Contract Inc. (“TLC”), struck the Caspers’ minivan from behind, seriously injuring all five people in …

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Law Offices Wausau1

Law Offices Wausau: Guarantors Liable for Deficiency in Foreclosure Sale

In Wisconsin, the holder of a mortgage (typically a bank) must wait six months (the “redemption period”) from the date of a foreclosure judgment to hold a foreclosure sale of commercial properties or multifamily residences. This gives the debtor a chance to redeem the property by paying the judgment before the date of the foreclosure sale.  When the property is …

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Family Law In Wausau Wi

Family Law in Wausau WI: Property Division at Divorce: Who gets property brought to the marriage?

Find out how our divorce lawyers can assist you. Oftentimes, parties to a divorce mistakenly believe that assets each party owned prior to the marriage will automatically be awarded to that party in the divorce.  In fact, in Wisconsin, generally, all property brought into and/or acquired during the marriage, regardless of how titled, is subject to division upon divorce. This …

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