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Men are at a much higher risk of developing mesothelioma than women because men were more likely to work at job sites associated with asbestos exposure, such as shipyards, boiler rooms and factories.

Though mesothelioma is much more prevalent in men, about 8 percent of mesothelioma victims are women.  Many of these women are discovered to be victims of what is known as “secondary asbestos exposure.”  Secondary exposure to asbestos occurs when one is exposed to asbestos, but not as a result of working with it directly.

Asbestos Lawyers in Wisconsin Note: Do you have asbestos in your home?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency have put together safety guide on “Asbestos in the Home,” which contains excellent information on how to test for asbestos, and how to contact an accredited asbestos professional in case you need to have asbestos removed from your home.

Often, such cases involve situations where a spouse or children were exposed to asbestos fibers that were brought home on the clothing of a family member who came in contact with asbestos at work.  Some studies call this “domestic” exposure. A 1997 study of women with mesothelioma conducted by Durham (VA) and Duke University Medical Centers (Roggli et al) concluded that more than half of those diagnosed with the disease had been exposed to asbestos via household contact with individuals who worked with asbestos.

A common scenario involved a woman whose husband’s clothing, hair, and body were often covered with asbestos dust when he came home from work.  The women often recall shaking the dust off of their husbands’ clothing before laundering them. Once the clothes were shaken, the asbestos fibers became airborne and were easily inhaled.  Decades later, many would be diagnosed with mesothelioma disease.

Sometimes, children were affected too.  As asbestos lawyers in Wisconsin, we have been contacted by people as young as their early 40’s, who have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness due to secondary exposure. There have also been a number of documented cases of mesothelioma among people who recall greeting their father with a hug when he arrived home from work, sitting on his lap, or having other close contact with him while he was still in his work clothes, which were covered with asbestos-containing dust. The closeness exposed the children to asbestos fibers, sometimes resulting in asbestos-related diseases for them as adults.

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